Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole attended Onondaga School of Therapeutic massage; it is there where she fell in love with the healing power of touch therapy. She has a wide range of experience with clients. She works with clients that just have a desire to relax to clients who have been in a car accident and are in need of an extensive therapeutic process. Nicole is also certified in Reiki. Her favorite types of massages to perform are Prenatal, Holistic Relax and Chakra Balancing. Aside from Massage Ttherapy, Nicole's other love is her four–legged children.

 Favorite Quote: 

“Relaxation is the art of letting go”    - Dan Burke


Testimonials for Nicole

Holistic Relax Massage: OMG - Best Ever - worked the problem areas and I am in total bliss. When I win the lottery, I will steal Nicole away and make her move in with me!!

Karen A.

Holistic Relax Massage: Nicole has been treating me regularly for the past 2 years, and treatments with her are always relaxing and rejuvenating. She offers tips for stretching and posture and is always thoughtful and responsive to my state of mind and body each massage. I'm so glad she's at Luxe!

Lauren D.

Holistic Relax Massage: The service continues to be outstanding here. No other spa in this area compares. From the environment, all the staff, facility and most of all Nicole. Nicole is professional and extremely good at what she does. I'm amazed at how she remembers the little details about her clients. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Eileen C.

Holistic Relax Massage: Nicole is the best massage therapist I've ever had. She is very attentive to what you need based on how you are feeling at each visit. I referred my husband to Nicole. He has RA and said his experience was the best he has had as well. She really helped him feel better. She really reads your body well and focuses in on areas needing extra attention. I feel so great after my visits.

Kim S.

Holistic Relax Massage: Absolutely incredible massage! I have been getting regular massage for over 20 years. Nicole is really phenomenal knowing what the body needs. She slows down and focuses where needed. Incredible! Professional! She is a real asset. I will be a new regular of hers!

Mark M.