Introducing the newest service available at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center: the CryoClear® Solution!

Luxe Cryo GirlAt Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center we are continually searching for techniques and products that would enhance and support our goal of providing outstanding services and results-oriented products. With that goal in mind, we at Luxe are excited to introduce THE CRYOCLEAR Solution . . .

CryoClear uses cryotherapy to safely remove age spots, sun spots, and skin tags. Cryotherapy is the technique of using frozen carbon dioxide to freeze the superficial layers of skin, and has been clinically proven to be effective on several types of skin lesions and spots. This form of cryotherapy, performed at -79°C, is safer than colder forms of cryotherapy and doesn’t penetrate as deeply. This means that CryoClear has fewer side effects, and can be performed on more sensitive areas of skin like the face and hands. 

Results can be seen in as little as one treatment, and CryoClear can also be used in conjunction with other treatments. The treatment site will initially turn darker, then slough off within about a week, leaving new, pink tissue underneath. Post-treatment recommendations are simple - just apply a daily moisturizer and an SPF30+ sunscreen to the treated area.  

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Service Pricing

For one booking/same client:

1st spot $99 
2nd spot $50
3rd spot $25

Second Visit Treatment of One Spot: $60



How long will it take to see results?

Your treated area will immediately turn darker and you might experience some tingling or itching for a few hours after treatent. The treatment site will remain dark for about 10 days when your body will "slough" off the dead tissue. Next, you will see pink healthy tissue which will return to your normal skin color in a few weeks. In some cases, it can take 4 to 6 weeks for normal pigmentation to return.

Are there any post treatment recommendations?

We recommend that you apply a calming/soothing daily moisturizer plus an SPF30+ mineral sunscreen to the treated area to keep it hydrated and protected from the sun. With CryoClear, you have no lifestyle restrictions — live life as usual!

Can people with sensitive skin be treated with CryoClear?

Yes. Because of its gentle freeze, CryoClear is safe for people with sensitive skin. If this is an area of concern, we recommend consulting with your esthetician to determine the appropriate treatment time for your skin type.

Is it ok to use CryoClear after a chemical peel or other facial treatment?

CryoClear can be used in conjunction with a variety of treatments such as a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, facial and extraction. However, after a chemical peel or mechanical exfoliation treatment, we recommend waiting at least 10 days before being treated with CryoClear.

Is CryoClear safe on all skin types?

CryoClear is less aggressive than other methods of cryotherapy such as liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrous oxide, where the liklihood of blistering, scarring and hypopigmentation is greater.

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