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Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage…How to Choose?

BY Caroline Lewis
Massage Therapist at Luxe Salon, Spa & Laser Center

Have you ever wondered if you should schedule a Holistic Massage or choose a Deep Tissue Massage?

Holistic (Swedish) Massage includes movements such as effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), friction (rubbing) along with vibration and percussion. Stretching with the help of the massage therapist are also part of this massage. Holistic massage is typically focused more on relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on stretching fascia which is connective tissue that surrounds and supports bones, muscles, nerves and organs. Deep Tissue massage penetrates down to the deeper layers to release adhesions and break up scar tissue. The goal of the massage therapist is never to hurt the client; however it is common to be sore the day after this type of massage.

To get the maximum benefit from either a holistic or deep tissue massage it is always suggested and encouraged to schedule an 80 minute session.

Your massage therapist is always your best guide in which massage is the correct choice for you…their client!


Caroline Lewis, LMT
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Monday, 27 May 2019

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