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How to choose the right shade of blonde


How to choose the right shade of blonde?

Are you in pursuit of the perfect blonde shade…from platinum blonde to dark balayage…how do you choose?

Let's go right to the source….We talked to JILLIAN BURGEN, Hair stylist and colorist at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center. She has some great questions and suggestions to help you in selecting that perfect shade of blonde.

SKIN TONE: Looking at your complexion will help determine whether you should have cool or warm tones in your hair. Your stylist will assist you in your choice. NOTE: In some cases you can be both warm and cool.

EYES: Everyone has specks throughout their eye color. By looking at those specks you can determine if you are cool or warm and that can also help you in your blonde shade choice. You should always work towards a tone that will compliment your skin tone.

DEMENSION: After reviewing the tones in your skin and eyes you can decide, with guidance, if you would like multiple tones throughout your color choice. Having some dimension will help to achieve a more natural look. This all depends on the final look you are attempting to achieve.

CONDITION OF HAIR: Sacrificing the condition of your hair is something that Luxe does not take lightly or will ever allow. Jillian and the Luxe team will make sure that the maintenance of your hair health is a focus during your blonde journey.

UPKEEP: Understand that being blonde does come with maintenance! There will be some re-growth depending on your color choice and how light you go. Work with your stylists to come up with a schedule for maintenance that works for you!

When trying a new hair color, especially Blonde and especially when it involves a dramatic change, it is a good idea to go to a professional stylist/Colorist. Your Stylist/Colorist will be an endless source of information.

So… if you are ready to be a blonde and know that there is a shade of blonde that is right for you and want that expert guidance, call JILLIAN at LUXE and start your blonde journey today!


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