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Massage for Golfers

Most golf injuries result from poor technique and mechanics. All golf swings involve a great deal of rotation and compression and it is always a good idea to take lessons from a PGA teaching professional to assure good form and avoid injuries.

Andrew Serwetnyk, Massage Therapist at here Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center will advise his clients to do mild stretching before and after they play. He also sees that golfers are now beginning to see the benefits of having a regular massage and how it can positively affect and ultimately improve their game.

Andrew will first assess and prioritize the location of the golfer's injury and address their overall issues, recommending a specific massage. A holistic massage is ideal for increasing circulation, while a deep tissue massage is great for loosening tight muscles.

Massage can sooth muscles, help with circulation, relive stress and help in the speed of repairing an injury. Andrew also points out that the feet, lower and upper legs, gluteals and back muscles and all connected.Misalignment of these muscles can affect the stability and power of the golfer's stance and swing. Massage can break up restricting connective tissue and help with a more fluid motion for the golfer and increasing their range of motion.

Andrew believes that addressing your golf issues through a regular massage can bring you that much closer to your perfect swing!

By Margie DiPaolo

Luxe Spa Manager 

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