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The Luxe Vision, Mission, and Values

Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center is one of the most innovative, high-end salons in the greater Rochester area. Our vision is for each and every one of our staff to grow and perfect their skills and customer service, allowing Luxe to continuously adapt to better serve our clients and exceed their expectations. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and unique experience for each client, whether they be receiving a service or purchasing a product. We strive to provide services and products that are on-trend - and even ahead of current trends - by always keeping an eye on new opportunities and advancements in the market. Our staff is results-oriented, and highly values teamwork, integrity, trust, and communication. We are consistently committed to our company standards and goals, with the understanding that we not only value our clients, but also value each other as individuals and as a part of our outstanding team.

Owner Karen Pudetti invites potential clients to come visit Luxe and meet our team who will greet you warmly and answer any questions you may have about booking a service. Karen says, "We would not be where we are without our staff, they are our biggest asset here." Spa Manager Margie DiPaolo agrees, and says "Our providers become a partner. They're going to find out what your needs and goals are and make sure that we can make that happen for you." Karen also wants potential clients to know that the Luxe website has bios for all of our staff available, as well as descriptions of all the services we offer.

Our goal at Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center is to provide a holistic experience that relaxes, refreshes, and renews our guests, by offering services, products, and information that empowers them.

 "Come down, talk to us, I'm sure you'll fall in love with us!"
                                                 -Luxe Owner, Karen Pudetti
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