Luxe Spa offers complete face and body waxing services, including one of the most popular services on the waxing scene known as the “Brazilian Bikini”. We use a wide variety of waxes and will customize your treatment to accommodate your skin type.



Prices range and will be determined based upon which parts of your face and body you plan to have waxed. Please inquire about pricing when you book your appointment.

Before Your Appointment:

Prior to your waxing appointment, please be sure to inform your esthetician if you are using Prednisone, Retin-A, Renova, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids or are currently taking Accutane, or steroids (topically or orally), or if you have experienced problems with face and body waxing in the past,  With this information, we will be able to determine which wax will complement your skin and will also be able to prevent any adverse reactions from occurring.

Face Waxing:

Eyebrows - $24
Lip - $15
Chin - $15
Cheeks - $18

Body Waxing:

Bikini - $30
Bikini Narrow - $40
Brazilian - $65
Underarms - $23
Half Leg - $40
Half Arms - $35
Back - $50 and up
Chest - $50 and up
Stomach - $30 and up
Fingers/Toes - $13