Luxe Spa - Massage TherapyLuxe Spa offers a full range of massage therapy services in Rochester provided by a talented team of NY State Licensed Massage Therapists. Look no further for all of your relaxation and therapeutic treatment needs.




Holistic Relaxation Massage

Traditional Swedish style movements incorporating long strokes and kneading techniques to ease muscle tension and bring relief; increasing circulation, skin tone and improving overall well-being.
30 minutes - $80
60 minutes - $110
80 minutes - $140

Luxe Massage Hot Stones on client's back.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage utilizes more specific and/or deep tissue techniques to release deep chronic pain and tension within the body. The amount of pressure you receive is always according to your pressure preference and comfort.
30 minutes - $90
60 minutes - $120
80 minutes - $150

NEW! Therapeutic Treatment Massage

A focused massage/bodywork session centered on the treatment of specific conditions. The goal is to address body imbalances, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries and to improve physical performance through assessment and treatment. Your massage therapist may blend classic massage with other bodywork modalities to achieve desired results. A session may include assessment of posture and muscle strength, deep tissue techniques, isolated stretching, joint mobilization (orthopedic massage), neuro-muscular therapies and others.
60 minutes - $120

Luxe Providers of Therapeutic Treatment Massage:    Andrew Serwetnyk, LMT and Janet Lambert Smith, LMT
.   More detailed information about this service is coming soon.
Please leave a message with our friendly front desk staff in order to speak with one of our providers. We can help you determine if a Therapeutic Treatment Massage is right for you.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy with nourishing oils provide a deep, warm, nurturing massage that is applied with smooth, healing stones that bring relief to sore muscles. Excellent for loosening muscles, releasing stress, and easing tension.
60 minutes - $130

Interior of Luxe couples massage room.

Couples Massage

60 minutes Holistic Relax  – $230 per couple
60 minutes Deep Tissue – $250 per couple

80 minutes Holistic Relax  – $290 per couple
80 minutes Deep Tissue – $310 per couple

Prenatal Massage*

This soothing and relaxing massage is for mothers-to-be. Designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling in feet and hands, and release tension in lower back, neck and shoulders. A massage designed to prepare yourself for joys of motherhood.  *Post First Trimester
60 minutes - $110 

Pregnant women sitting on massage table.

Stress-Fix Massage

This treatment combines the best of all our massage treatments. Relieve areas of tension with deep tissue massage to your back, neck, and shoulders. Relax the mind and body with Swedish techniques to the rest of the body and reflexology for the feet. Your experience is enhanced with Aveda’s Stress-Fix aromas. The Stress-Fix aroma is clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels and the feelings of stress.
70 minutes - $130

Luxe Signature Massage

It is the best of the best! A relaxing holistic massage to immerse yourself in scented luxury! Our exclusive Luxe New York products are used throughout this massage. Includes a hydrating and energizing eye treatment with cold stones and Luxe New York Facial Oil followed by Luxe New York Coffee Eye Cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Our lavishly scented Luxe New York Body Cream is massaged into your hands and feet. You will leave feeling fully rejuvenated and moisturized.
70 minutes - $130

Migraine Healing Therapy

Migraine Healing Therapy is a natural, safe,  holistic treatment designed to prevent and relieve pain associated with migraine headaches. Targeted massage techniques and specifically designed cold stones help reduce pressure and inflammation, reducing migraine and stress headache pain. This treatment provides dramatic relief from all kinds of headaches. Migraine Healing Therapy can help reduce the severity of a migraine, and even better, scheduling regular treatments can help alleviate the onset of future migraines.
30 Minute Migraine Treatment - $80
60 Minute Migraine Massage Treatment - $110
80 Minute Migraine Massage Treatment - $140

Luxe Provider of Migraine Healing Therapy: Janet Lambert Smith, LMT.  For more information, please see our Migraine Healing page.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is a dynamic bodywork treatment greatly enhancing the benefits of massage. Gentle suction of tissues increases circulation and is effective in addressing conditions such as: inflammation, tissue congestion, movement restrictions, scar tissue, chronic pain, and many pre and post-surgical conditions. It is also effective in athletic performance enhancement and weight loss programs, including cellulite reduction.
30 Minute Back Cupping Massage - $90
60 Minute Full Body Cupping Massage - $120

Luxe Provider of Cupping Massage: Janet Lambert Smith, LMTFor more information, please see our Cupping Massage page.


Luxe foot pain web


In ancient Eastern practice, pressure is applied to specific areas of the hands and feet which correspond to each part of the body. This will enhance your well-being.
30 minutes - $50


Massage Add-on Enhancements

Take a sensory journey into deeper relaxation with essential oils for pain or stress relief.  

Hot Stone Add-On
The warmth of hot stones used in specific areas will enhance your total massage experience. 

Hydrating and Energizing Eye Treatment
This treatment firms and lifts the under eye area using cold stones, Luxe New York Facial Oil and Luxe New York Coffee Eye Cream to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Cold Stone Face Massage
Your facial muscles are massaged using cold stones to reduce swelling, inflammation and to increase skin tone. 

Sinus Relief
Cold stones and eucalyptus aromatherapy  work the sinus acupressure points draining and decongesting the sinuses. 

Hydrating Foot Mask
The hydrating foot mask soaks into the feet and has natural exfoliating properties. It is massaged into the feet and removed with hot towels. 

Cupping Add-on
Gentle suction of tissues increases circulation and greatly enhances the benefits of massage.  (Available with therapists Michael or Janet). 

Magnesium Cream
Magnesium cream nourishes your fatigued, overworked tissues and absorbs quickly, bringing added relief. 

Keratin Glove or Sock Treatment
Keratin treatments moisturize and nourish your hands and feet. 
$5 each

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is an anti-oxidant that prevents sun damage, heals acne, relieves dry skin and softens wrinkles.  


Additional health benefits of massage include:
  • Increased mobility and greater joint flexibility, improving range of motion
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Improved circulation
  • Supports immune system function
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduction of "stress hormones" in the body

Luxe Spa requires 24 HOURS NOTICE of cancellations and rescheduling of all appointments. Failure to give adequate time for notice will result in full charge of session. Please keep in mind that there are other customers in need of services and therapy. Respectfully understand that when you do not give adequate time for cancellations, the therapist loses income, the business loses revenue, and other clients in need are unable to receive treatment; all of which may result in inability to operate.

Spa Guests: Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment time for a stress-free check-in and time to change into your robe and slippers! See important policy information about late arrivals here.

Gratuity Policy

Luxe accepts service tips in Cash, Venmo and Tippy (credit card). ATM is also available. THANK YOU!

COVID-19 LATEST Information

Dear Clients,
We are so happy that the state has deemed the personal care industry safe during this unsure time, allowing Luxe Salon, Spa and Laser Center to remain open. We recognize that this is a stressful time for everyone and appreciate your continued loyalty and understanding. Our goal at Luxe is to serve our clients in the safest way possible. In order to ensure safety, our employees are tested every other week and fill out a COVID-19 screening form at the start of each shift. We are also sanitizing all areas of the building frequently throughout the day. All clients have their temperature taken and wash their hands upon entering the building. We also require that all clients wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose.

We take client and employee health and safety very seriously and kindly ask that you reschedule if you do not feel well. It is our promise to continue our commitment to our valued customers through social distancing, proper mask wearing, hand washing and disinfecting on a regular basis. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us at (585) 256-1050 and we will be happy to address any concerns.

Be sure to connect with us on social media and check for new emails for any information regarding COVID-19 practices or changes in the future. We are also happy to offer curbside pickup for Gift Cards and products. Call us to place an order over the phone and let us know when you arrive.

The Luxe Team