Cupping was developed thousands of years ago and though the techniques havemodernized, the original philosophy remains the same.

Picture of Massage Therapist administering Cupping Massage to ClientCupping involves placing a glass or plastic cup (jar) on the skin and creating a vacuum by drawing out the air. The underlying tissue is pulled partway into the cup. This action increases circulation, breaks up adhesions, relieves pain and pulls toxins out of the tissues. Five minutes of cupping is equivalent to 30 minutes of massage.

30 Minute Back Cupping Massage - $80
60 Minute Full Body Cupping Massage - $110
Cupping added to any other massage - $10





Additional Health Benefits

  • Increase Circulation
  • Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Break Up Muscle Adhesions (knots)
  • Reduce Trigger Points
  • Help break up Cellulite

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