A focused massage/bodywork session centered on the treatment of specific conditions. The goal is to address body imbalances, chronic pain conditions, sports injuries and to improve physical performance through assessment and treatment. Your massage therapist may blend classic massage with other bodywork modalities to achieve desired results. A session may include assessment of posture and muscle strength, deep tissue techniques, isolated stretching, joint mobilization (orthopedic massage), neuro-muscular therapies and others.
60 minutes - $125

Luxe Providers of Therapeutic Treatment Massage:  

Andrew Serwetnyk, LMT
Janet Lambert Smith, LMT  
Vanessa Brown, LMT

We can help you determine if a Therapeutic Treatment Massage is right for you.

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Add-on Enhancements

Take a sensory journey into deeper relaxation with essential oils for pain or stress relief.


Hydrating and Energizing Eye Treatment
This treatment firms and lifts the under eye area using cold stones to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.


Hot Stone
The warmth of hot stones used in specific areas will enhance your total massage experience.


Sinus Relief
Cold stones and eucalyptus aromatherapy work the sinus acupressure points draining and decongesting the sinuses.


Hydrating Foot Mask
The hydrating foot mask soaks into the feet and is massaged and removed with hot towels.


Cupping Add-on
Gentle suction of tissues increases circulation and greatly enhances the benefits of massage.


Magnesium Cream
Magnesium cream nourishes your fatigued, overworked tissues.


Keratin Glove or Sock Treatment
Keratin treatments moisturize and nourish your hands and feet.

$10 ea.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is an anti-oxidant that relieves dry skin and softens wrinkles.