Licensed Massage Therapist

Janet has been practicing Massage Therapy at Luxe since 2015 and received her professional massage therapy training at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. Her approach to massage is a melding of various relaxing bodywork techniques combined with a treatment-based, therapeutic focus to release pain and holding patterns within the body.  At any age, the stresses of life become embedded in our tissues and massage therapy offers a highly effective solution to facilitate physical restoration and mental well being. Her approach continues to evolve as she advances her education to include techniques to release neuro-muscular tension in order to restore balance in the body for optimal movement, stress reduction and symmetry.  Janet also specializes in the treatment of chronic migraines and headaches, trigger point pain, postural imbalances, sports injuries and incorporates techniques to address the complex conditions related to nerve pain.

Janet offers: ACE Massage Cupping™, Migraine Healing Therapy  in addition to Holistic Relax (Swedish Massage), Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Therapeutic Treatments Massage; a customized, therapy session tailored to each client's individual needs. And our newest offering: STRETCHfix : interactive stretching within an invigorating massage session.

Luxe is a perfect fit for Janet. She enjoys the peaceful atmosphere just as much as her clients do!  She is passionate about bringing the benefits of massage therapy to people and learning new healing treatments. Luxe offers her the perfect setting to assist others in their own personal path to healing and transformation.

Common complaints Janet treats with Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage:Plantar Faciitis Treatment - Janet Lambert Smith, LMT

• Nerve Pain and Entrapement in the upper and lower body
• Low Back Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Sciatic Pain
• Migraine
• Scoliosis
• Range of Motion Issues 

Advanced Study:

  • Treatment of Migraines
  • CranioSacral Therapy I - Upledger Institute
  • Treatment of Low Back Pain
  • Treatment of Nerve Compression of the Upper and Lower Body
  • ACE Massage Cupping™ or also known as VacuTherapies™

Janet's Hours at Luxe:
• Tues.   10am–3:30pm
• Wed.   12pm–6:30pm
• Thurs. 12pm–6:30pm
• Fri.      10am–5:00pm
• Sat.      9am–5:00pm

Professional Affiliations:  

AMTA Professional Membership JLSJanet is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association as a Professional Member.  The AMTA is a highly regarded national massage therapy association requiring their professional members complete at least 48 hours of continuing education every four years. 

Favorite Quote:

“We can try many ways to get rid of the darkness, but none is as effective as simply increasing the light.”  -Unknown


Testimonials for Janet

I highly recommend this place! My monthly massages with my therapist Janet have absolutely made my chronic back, hip and neck pain more bearable. She is always coming back from new training with amazing things to add to my therapy. She is passionate about helping her clients to feel their best and has an incredible ability to know what I need each time. The salon is also very warm and inviting!

I was so thankful when I heard Luxe was able to reopen after our Covid experience. Three months with no deep tissue massage...ouch! Bless Janet and her magic hands!!

I have found all Luxe services to be amazing. Most recently I received a massage with cupping from Janet. She is a miracle worker. I store stress in my back and often have tension from long hours on the computer. Janet somehow manages make my back feel like I have never had a moments stress in life. The cupping helps so much. Not only does it make the massage even more relaxing, but it has helped me so much when dealing with chest congestion. I leave feeling relaxed and healthier.

Thank you Janet! Your attension to my shoulder and the cupping has made such a difference. I'll be competing this weekend in Ithaca thanks to you!

I've had several 80-minute massages with Janet, and every time, her expertise and experience as a massage therapist have been immediately apparent. Not only is she an artist, but she's also a kind and caring person who is truly "present" and never on "autopilot." She listens earnestly and works conscientiously to attend to any particular issues I may be having to provide the best massage experience possible. Thank you, Janet, for helping me to start today renewed and refreshed!

I had really bad shoulder pain plus in my lower back too, Janet did amazing. I felt like a new woman! If you want amazing experience and great deep tissue therapeutic massage, go to Luxe Spa

Janet is fabulous and knowledgeable. She was able to spot that the way I pointed my foot was related to the rotator muscles in my hip. She knows her subject area and is very kind and professional.

FROM FACEBOOK: I love the stress-free atmosphere and the employees are always friendly and helpful. I have been seeing Janet Smith for deep tissue massages for over a year. Janet is top notch and knows her stuff! She is AMAZING!! I will not go anywhere else. Thank you Luxe Spa for the mini-vacay you provide me once a month!

I have been seeing Janet for massage for almost 2 years. I've recently thought about how important the relationship between the massage therapist and their client is. The bond and trust without judgement of what our body is, young or old, is SO important. To be able to trust means to be able to relax and get the maximum benefit from the massage. Janet is a true professional that understands the body and the mind....she has become my friend and my healer. I ski, play golf, ride bike and am in the gym daily. Janet always asks what's sore and she pays special attention to those areas. Thank you... More

I have been seeing Janet for Migraine treatments for quite some time. She is always thorough and patient. The results have been incredible. My quality of life has greatly improved as a result of these treatments.

Luxe is a special treat for me. The providers are professional and give the highest quality service. I highly recommend the spa to anyone.

Stress Fix Massage: This was my first time with Janet and the stress relief massage was amazing. It truly provided a unique combination of muscle relaxation and re-alignment. Janet's knowledge of anatomy, her understanding of muscle physiology and experience did the magic. I feel stronger and more flexible. I will definitely be back!

Wonderful therapy! What a fantastic healing session with Janet and her techniques!

Deep Tissue: Luxe is where I go when I need some "Me" time. Not only do they offer a variety of services for hair, nails, and skin, but they also know how to set a relaxing atmosphere. I have scoliosis and the daily back pain that goes with it. The pain has however, started to lessen in intensity since I started seeing Janet monthly for a deep tissue massage. This lady is amazing! She can just hone in on the layers of the pain source and work it out. For the first time in many years, I am actually looking forward to the warmer weather so I can once again do the activities I had to stop... More

Janet was so attentive and listened carefully to my needs. the massage was excellent...exactly what I needed!

Just the right touch!
Would recommend Janet!

Janet is GREAT!
She knows what she is doing. I have had pain in my legs for the past 10 years and have tried everything, including Physical Therapy. Nothing makes me feel as good as Janet's Deep Tissue massage.

Migraine Therapy: Thank you Janet for taking the time to understand my pain and its possible foundations. Janet used her expertise to appropriately address the issues I have with chronic migraines, TMJ and occipital neuralgia.
Such amazing attention to detail, my comfort and addressing pain as well as making my appointment an extremely peaceful and wonderful experience. I will be back!

Holistic Relax: There is no better service and attention than what Janet gives me!
I can only say good things about her...she is the best provider.
Can't wait to be back in two weeks!

Migraine Healing Therapy: This was a lovely experience, from start to finish. The massage...specific to target migraine problems, was clearly meant for that purpose. This was very different from massages I've had at other locations.
Thank you so much Janet. I look forward to my next visit.

I have had migraines since middle school and have accepted headaches as part of my life. As I was searching for a Massage Therapist, I read Janet's profile and was struck by 2 things: her focus in Migraine Therapy and her dedication to continuing education in her field. I meet with Janet regularly for Migraine Therapy. She is kind, compassionate and skilled! She understands the mind-body connection and continually tailors her healing to my needs. Since starting migraine healing with Janet, I have experienced a drop in headache frequency and severity. I am taking fewer medications and my... More

Holistic Relax Massage: Janet did a wonderful job. She was very calming, and I appreciated her suggestions at the beginning and end of the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet gave me an amazing deep tissue massage with particular emphasis on feet & plantar area. SO helpful. I feel like a am walking on a cloud—all my pain and tenderness is GONE! Best birthday present ever! Thank You! :-)

Holistic Relax: Janet provided a comprehensive and wonderful holistic massage that was tailored to my specific requests. It was very relaxing and therapeutic. I will be certainly returning. Thank you!

Holistic Massage: Very relaxing. Had some pressure point knots she was able to relieve. Much needed and will be back.

Deep Tissue: Can't tell you how happy I am that my boyfriend surprised me with a 80 min deep tissue. I will be making this a monthly thing. Janet was amazing. I'll be recommending this place to everyone.

I came in for a 30 minute massage my daughter had given me for Christmas gift. Janet was doing such a great job I decided to extend it to an hour massage! From the time I check in until the time I left my experience was wonderful I would recommend Luxe Spa to everyone.

Deep Tissue Massage: One of the best deep tissue massages I've received to date. I've been to the fancy & simple places and thought I had regular well done deep tissue massages, but today Janet started from the minute she explained how she does them & it was the best experience through to the end. The facilities are also very well done & relaxing. Janet & Luxe are my new "go to's" for deep tissue massages (the only ones I get)!

Holistic Relax Massage: I've had several massages with Janet and cannot say enough about the quality of her work. She is professional, attentive to my needs, and comprehensive in her approach. After every appointment, I feel relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized. She also brings a sense of calm and healing that adds to the experience. Thank you, Janet, for paying attention to detail and for caring so much! I'll be back.

Holistic Relax Massage: I have never been more relaxed during or after a massage. I enjoyed our conversation and finding someone I felt so comfortable with. Thank you Janet!

Holistic Relax Massage: This was the absolute best spent 30 minutes I've had in a while. Janet has MAGIC fingers! She hit every spot I needed and spent extra time on my shoulders, neck and lower back which is where I carry much of my stress and tension. I feel so amazing and relaxed. Thank you Janet!!!

Holistic Relax Massage: A wonderful, wonderful relaxing massage!! Thank you Janet . . . I will be back!

Holistic Relax Massage: Massage was very relaxing and done well. Janet is very attentive to my needs and offered aromatherapy to compliment issues that I am dealing with. I have had massage with her before and will request her in the future.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic: Janet is kind, considerate and understanding. She is very knowledgeable in her skill. You need her! Perfect A+

Migraine Healing Treatment: Over the years, I have tried many different forms of treatment to address my chronic migraines. The migraine focused massage therapy with the cold stone treatment has had a significant impact in decreasing the frequency and severity of my migraines. Janet's knowledge base surrounding migraines is comprehensive and matched by her excellent technique as a seasoned massage therapist.

Migraine Treatment: I've been suffering from chronic headaches for over 40 years. I highly recommend Janet's specialized migraine treatment. The cold stones and scented oils felt amazing and I immediately started to feel relief. I'll be back for sure!

Migraine Healing Therapy: I began getting migraines at 10 years old, and had tried everything to find relief, from medicine to acupuncture to a chiropractor. Nothing seemed to reduce the frequency (2-3/week) or intensity. After seeing Janet and trying the Migraine Therapy, I immediately felt relief in my sinuses, and in the following month, only had about 3-4 headaches. I am very grateful for having finally found something that truly works for me!

Migraine Healing Therapy: Thank you so much Janet! You were wonderful! My head pain started at a 7 and went down easily by 1/2 and after lots of water I'm sure even lower.

Holistic Relax Massage: Janet has given me the pleasure of a unique experience — a massage by her healing hands! This massage was unlike any I have had before - as I could actually feel the healing power flowing from her hands during the session. I cannot wait to return! I feel fabulous and ready for life!!!

Holistic Relax Massage: This was my first massage with Janet and it was fabulous. I have had many massages over the years and her attention to detail left me feeling relaxed, stress free and my mind in a better place. Hopefully she never leaves here because she has set a high standard.

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet was kind and patient, taking the time to identify areas in need of attention. I told Janet I'd never received such a thorough massage before. I will definitely be back!

Holistic Relax Massage: Possibly one of the most relaxing massages I've ever had! Janet was fantastic - she addressed my needs, focused on my problem areas all with great professionalism and expertise! Would definitely return when in the area. Only wish I could take her back home with me Thanks Janet!

Reflexology: Janet was awesome. I have had a LOT of massages before and she is by far one of the best I have ever experienced. She is attentive, kind and very knowledgable. I appreciate her willingness to hear exactly what I wanted and make thoughtful suggestions. She was great and I can't wait to come back! Thanks so much!

Deep Tissue Massage: Best massage I've ever had.

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet is wonderful! As a stressed out student, I build up a lot of tension and knots in my back. Janet's deep tissue massage really helped relax away a lot of the tension, stress, and pressure points. She is always attentive to the needs of her clients. Thank You Janet!

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet is professional, knowledgable and has great skills. She is responsive to the areas I indicate as being the problem area or painful and I have always come away feeling better, more relaxed and less painful. She is pleasant to work with and I look forward to coming and will continue to return here to work with Janet. Always a pleasure!

Stress Fix Massage: Very welcoming. Great atmosphere. Loved my massage. Perfect pressure. Very relaxing.

Holistic Relax Massage: It was great and I will be back to see Janet again. She hit all the spots that needed to be worked.

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet was very professional and courteous, but also instantly put me at ease. I get a lot of regular massage. Janet was clearly one of the best connections to the facia and muscle; slower and/or deeper when appropriate. Truly a great massage!

Deep Tissue Massage: Amazing. Came in with pain at a 10 and Janet lowered that pain to a 5. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you.

Holistic Relax Massage: Her massage was like medicine from the outside to my inner being. Truly enjoyed the experience. She clearly is gifted at this profession.

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet is very skilled! She used the perfect amount of pressure on my first visit. I am impressed with the time she takes with her clients and will be visiting in the future! Thank You!

Deep Tissue Massage: Janet was very nice and super with the massage. I'd recommend her anytime, to anyone. Very nice personality.

Stress Fix Massage: Janet immediately welcomed me and made me feel extremely comfortable as this was my first time not only getting a massage, but at Luxe Spa as well. The massage itself was incredible. It was exactly what I needed and Janet took what I said in her initial meeting to heart. I feel incredible leaving and I will definitely be returning for another. Thank you!