Licensed Massage Therapist

Kevin has been practicing massage for over four years; graduating from Onondaga School of Therapeutic massage in Rochester, NY. He has had the privilege of learning from some of the greatest teachers in the industry. He has taken the knowledge that he has learned and applied it into his everyday practice. He really takes the time to focus on each client’s individual needs. His goal is to educate clients on day to day exertion that may be contributing to the conditions and aliments they are facing. Kevin incorporates stretching and breathing techniques to get the best response out of the body and your session. While he enjoys doing Swedish massage, his true passion is deep tissue. One of Kevin’s favorite things about massage is watching the tension being released from the body.  Kevin also works on clients who suffer from migraines due to muscle tension and forward head posture. The techniques he uses during massages serve the purpose of relieving the tension in the muscles and bringing equilibrium to the body, leaving the client relieved from stress to enjoy the rest of the day at ease.