Hairstylist and Curl Specialist

Franchesca is a curly hair specialist with a passion for versatile hairstyles. She graduated from Continental School of Beauty in 2014 and has been in the business for 10 years. Her passion for curly hair stems from her own curls and having two daughters 11 & 13 years old with curls. All with different curl patterns and well as textures. Franchesca is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is currently partnered with a third-year pre-med dermatology student at the University of Rochester for education on scalp health! She has had the opportunity to take cutting classes with influencer Collin Martin. Her clients come from miles and miles away. She was even sought after from Princesss Sora of Saudi Arabia who flew her to New York City to work her magic on her hair. She has two curly hair certifications, one with Deva curl and the other Surface curl. Her intensive education makes her a Master of Curls.