Hairstylist and Eyelash Technician

Jenna is a licensed cosmetologist and certified eyelash extension artist, who has dreamed of joining the beauty industry since she was a preteen styling her friends’ hair at sleepovers. She will always remember the first time she received eyelash extensions in her early 20s and the feeling of happiness and confidence that filled her. Those are the same feelings she aspires for her clients to feel after their services with her. 

She continues her education with a creative mindset, in order to express advanced techniques and beauty trends within the industry.

Jenna is attentive to the little details while providing all types of hair, eyelash and brow services to top expectations. She is inspired to make you feel your best by enhancing the physical beauty you already have.

Favorite Quote:  "Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen and others make it happen." Michael Jordon